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Knee Replacement Surgical Navigation Positioning System approved for marketing
    Pubtime: 2023-07-20

  Recently, the innovative product Knee Replacement Surgical Navigation Positioning System of Beijing Tinavi Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. is approved by China NMPA.

  This product is composed of a host, a main control trolley, and a navigation positioning tool kit. It is the first application in China to use a six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm to assist doctors in the installation of knee prosthesis during the total knee replacement surgery for adult patients. Compared with conventional methods of total knee replacement, this product can ensure the accuracy of surgical positioning, decrease the incidence of adverse events and complications, and reduce the radiation damage of X-ray to doctors and patients.

  The NMPA will strengthen the post-marketing surveillance of the product to protect the safety of medical devices used by patients.

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