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Artificial Lens approved for marketing
    Pubtime: 2023-07-27

  Recently, the innovative product Artificial Lens of Alcon Laboratories, Inc. is approved by China NMPA.

  This product is a single-piece posterior chamber intraocular lens, of which the front surface center adopts a patented wavefront shaping structure. This product is suitable for adult patients with corneal astigmatism who have undergone extracapsular cataract extraction to remove the cataract lens. In the first phase, the product is implanted to correct vision by expanding the focal depth, which means expanding the visual range from long distance to functional close range while maintaining considerable distance vision, and therefore reducing patients' dependence on glasses. The marketing of this product will provide more options for clinical treatment.

  The NMPA will strengthen the post-marketing surveillance of the product to protect the safety of medical devices used by patients.

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