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Venous Stent System approved for marketing
    Pubtime: 2023-08-29

  Recently, the innovative product Venous Stent System of Suzhou Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. is approved by China NMPA.

  The venous stent system consists of a self-expanding nickel titanium alloy stent and a delivery system. The self-expanding stent is woven from nickel titanium wire, featured with flexibility, bending resistance, and fatigue resistance. This product has a unique self compensative structure after release to ensures table and accurate release shape of venous stents during surgery. It also has a recyclable function, which can withdraw 90% of the stent length back to the delivery system before it is fully pushed out, which enables reposition and release for one more time, to solve abnormal issues during release and improve product safety.

  This product is intended to be applied in the iliofemoral vein for the treatment of non-thrombotic iliac vein compression syndrome and post deep vein thrombosis syndrome. The marketing of this product will provide more options for clinical treatment.

  The NMPA will strengthen the post-marketing surveillance of the product to protect the safety of medical devices used by patients.

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